Yes! Toxins, based on mounting evidence, can be a root cause of diabetes, cancer, persistent bodily pain and chronic fatigue. We are all constantly exposed to environmental toxins.

Diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels and fatigue: Environmental toxins can block cells from receiving insulin. Without insulin your cells will not receive the sugar needed to make energy and the sugar remains in your blood. This can lead to extreme fatigue, high blood sugar and diabetes. Diabetes is increasing drastically worldwide. This increase did not correlate with the start of humanity eating sugar, but with the start of humanity making and using environmental toxins! It is so extreme that 1 in 11 adults now have have diabetes. Diabetes not only gives a lower enjoyment of life and food but is also the cause of millions of deaths a year globally. Do you want to be one of these statistics? Addressing your environmental toxins can be one way for your to not join the list of the 450 million people worldwide with diabetes.

Cancer: Environmental toxins cause cancer by damaging organs, by changing a cell's DNA and by disrupting the body's functions and ability to get rid of toxins. There is no doubt about the fact that toxins cause cancer. It is estimated that 1 in 2 people worldwide will have a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. The odds aren't good for anyone. Help yourself avoid being a cancer statistic by addressing your environmental toxins early on..

Bodily Pain: Environmental toxins cause pain though inflammation and damage to body tissues. This can range from general bodily pain to severe neuralgic symptoms. In my practice, I have especially noticed a link between neck / shoulder pain and an overtaxed liver. Giving the liver help to detoxify and cleanse itself often gives less neck, shoulder and general bodily pain.

Fatigue: Environmental toxins cause fatigue by blocking energy giving sugar from getting into the cells, by upsetting the body's ability to make and receive nutrients, by disrupting hormones needed to feel good, awake and strong.... basically by making the body unwell.

Over the next few days and weeks I will have a focus on toxins. What they do and what you can do about them for a healthy comfortable life.

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